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New from the Shop: Custom-Built Toyota Tacoma

At HMC Off Road, we take pride in crafting vehicles that embody quality, performance, and style. Last week, we had the pleasure of building a Toyota Tacoma that redefines off-road excellence for our valued client, @ahump.rn. From powerful shocks to sleek interior upgrades, every detail was meticulously chosen to create a driving experience that goes beyond expectations.

This Tacoma is supported by ADS Racing front and rear bypass shocks. These high-performance shocks ensure a smooth and controlled ride over rugged terrains, making every off-road escapade a thrilling adventure. Paired with Deaver Suspension Stage 2 springs, this Tacoma glides effortlessly over obstacles, delivering a ride that's as comfortable as it is exhilarating.

When the sun sets, the adventure doesn't end, thanks to the powerful illumination provided by Baja Designs Light Bar and Cali Raised racks and lights. These top-tier lighting solutions transform the night into day, illuminating the trail and showcasing the Tacoma's aggressive stance.

With BF Goodrich KO2 tires gripping the earth and Stealth Custom Series SR8 Wheels ensuring stability, this Tacoma is ready to conquer any terrain that comes its way.

Inside, Switch Pros Switch System and Meso Customs Interior Bezel provide the driver with complete control and a sleek, modern aesthetic. The interior upgrades are not just about style – they're about enhancing the driving experience, ensuring every moment behind the wheel is a pleasure.

Durability and protection are paramount for any off-road vehicle. That's why this Tacoma is equipped with Camburg Engineering Control Arms and a Toyota TRD Skid Plate, guaranteeing vital components are shielded from rough terrains, ensuring the longevity of the vehicle.

At HMC, we believe in crafting vehicles that not only meet but exceed expectations. Stay tuned for more exciting builds and inspiring off-road journeys. Your dream adventure machine might be our next masterpiece!

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